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Recruitment Process for Police Officer Academy Graduate / Student

$30,000 Hiring Bonus!

Recruitment Process for Police Officer Academy Graduate / Student

Applicants must possess a Certificate of Completion from a POST academy within the last three years or currently be enrolled in a POST academy in the State of California.

$112,248 to $136,440 per year

1. Submit Your Application Online.

2. Physical Agility Test. Candidates are required to pass a test consisting of:

  • Running 500 yards in under 2 minutes and 25 seconds
  • 25 sit-ups in under 1 minute
  • 17 pushups in under 1 minute
  • 50-foot dummy drag in under 2 minutes
  • 6-foot wall climb in under 2 minutes

3. Oral Board Interview. Candidates will have an oral interview in which they will be asked a series of questions by the board (not all police-related).

4. Background Investigation. Upon successful completion of the testing process, candidates will complete a Personal History Statement (PHS). All information given must be accurate and truthful, and any omissions of information can be grounds for disqualification. Background investigators will be assigned to assist candidates throughout the process. The City of Antioch is committed to hiring a police force that has the highest ethical standards, and a thorough background investigation is part of the hiring process. Background inquiries can include (but are not limited to):

  • School transcripts
  • Military Records
  • Polygraph
  • Criminal history (juvenile and adult)
  • Employment history
  • Driving record
  • Credit record
  • Immigration/Naturalization
  • Interviews with family, friends, past relationships, roommates, landlords, employers, acquaintances, and references

5. Conditional Offer of Employment. Successfully completed background investigations will be reviewed by the hiring board. Those candidates selected will be offered conditional employment, contingent upon successful completion of a medical exam and psychological assessment.

6. Field Training Officer (FTO) Program. Essentially, this is “on the job” training. Newly graduated officers from the academy will be assigned to experienced APD Field Training Officers for the duration of the program (approximately 4 months). Performance and progress are evaluated daily. Those who successfully complete the program will be assigned to the Patrol Division as their first solo duty.

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